Russ here….so, I am finally trying to get more consistent with sharing your stories.  The stories that are being told through tattoos.  I am currently setting up a system in which, each time you come in and get a new piece, you yourself will then be able to sit down and share your story, through your own words, right after your tattoo is finished.  Each person who chooses to get tattooed at The Quill, will have their own corner of the shop to truly be able to express the meaning behind their piece…therefore, making it more clear to others as to what the art means, why it looks the way that it does and ultimately, why you decided to permanently share your story.  I appreciate each and every person who decides to let me make art on their bodies…and I want to do what I can to help your story be known in an even bigger way.  Thank you for reading this, for your support of and in me…and for sharing your story through your tattoos.