Born and raised in Wichita Falls, TX, Russ Hickman was an 80’s kid who loved sports, drawing, skateboarding and playing drums.  In 2001 he moved to Nashville, TN to study Music Business at Belmont University.  The start of this new chapter in his life brought about many new experiences and life changing moments,  including booking many punk, Indie, and hardcore shows, while also playing in a band himself. 

Eventually, this led to a career of traveling the globe, as a tour manager, with bands & artists like Underøath, MuteMath, Every Time I Die, As Cities Burn & Billy Ocean.  While on tour, Russ began to draw again & get tattooed...a lot. As it does; love changed his for a girl named Jill.  Not desiring to be away from home for 10+ months out of the year anymore, Russ decided that tattooing would be the next big adventure for him...& an adventure it has been.  Now, as a professionally licensed tattooer and free-lance artist, Russ still is involved in music; touring from time to time, still playing some sports (when his old man knees let him) & enjoys hiking, yoga and swimming.  He still travels a lot & gets to now provide for his wife, Jill & their two sons Addison & Grayton while still drawing...a lot.  

Russ Hickman, the tattooer, is really just the same 80’s kid…at a different age and with a few extra responsibilities...but, is still as focused, driven and passionate about loving what he does and doing it with the purest form of excellence and positive human interaction as he can.